Pubdate: Thu, 24 May 2012
Source: Lake County Record-Bee (Lakeport, CA)
Copyright: 2012 Record-Bee
Author: Ron Green


I am appalled at the fear mongering by the "No on Measure D" campaign.
This outrageously inflammatory flier urging a no vote on Measure D
should be enough to make people vote yes instead.

The front cover of this "Reefer Madness" piece states that Measure D
puts the safety of residents at risk and it shows a hooded burglar
breaking into a house and a pregnant teenager buying marijuana.
Neither visual image has anything to do with Measure D, which simply
places reasonable limits on the number of medical cannabis plants that
individuals and collectives can grow on various sized parcels.
Currently, there are no county limits, only statewide guidelines.

The back cover shows men with guns in a recently planted and poorly
tended marijuana field in South America, which has nothing to do with
Measure D. Measure D limits the growing of medical marijuana in Lake

Inside, there is a picture of a man standing in front of a large and
crowded agricultural field of hemp (not medicinal marijuana) in the
1920s in Iowa. The absurd caption says: "This could be the view out
your back window if Measure D passes." But, Measure D states that all
cultivation must be "screened from view." I can assure you that you
won't be seeing any Iowa hemp farms out your back window if Measure D

This way over-the-top no on D flier claims that Measure D expands
cultivation into residential neighborhoods. But, it's growing in
neighborhood backyards now, what

Measure D does is limits the size of the gardens.

The flier claims that Measure D allows for the sale of drugs from
homes. Measure D does no such thing, it is merely a zoning ordinance
limiting the numbers of cannabis plants patients and collectives can

It also claims that it allows cannabis to be grown close to public
schools, but in fact Measure D specifies that, in accordance with
state law, no cultivation may be conducted within 600 feet of public
or private schools.

Some have expressed environmental concerns about Measure D, but these
concerns are baseless. Measure D provides that all county ordinances
must be followed and specifically permits the county to pass a
companion ordinance providing for fees and inspections "to ensure that
all county ordinances are complied with."

I urge people to vote yes on Measure D, for reasonable, workable
regulation of medical marijuana cultivation in Lake County. Please
don't be fooled by the misleading campaign piece from the no on D
campaign. Don't be fooled by slick fliers and fear mongering! Vote yes
on Measure D!

Attorney Ron Green

Lower Lake
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