Pubdate: Fri, 18 May 2012
Source: Times-Herald, The (Vallejo, CA)
Copyright: 2012 Paul Armentano
Author: Paul Armentano


Let me get this straight. The City Attorney's office is recommending
that the city not regulate Vallejo's existing medical marijuana
dispensaries, despite a voter mandate to do so, because it believes
that the case law regarding the legality of these operations remains
unsettled ("Vallejo Council urged to avoid setting pot dispensary
regulations," May 6) Yet, the Vallejo Police Department and county
prosecutors continue to bring charges against these same operations --
alleging that the law is clear and that these facilities are operating

So which is it? If the city council is waiting for guidance from the
California Supreme Court regarding the legality of these operations,
then why isn't VPD taking a similar wait-and-see approach,
particularly in light of a recent acquittal of a Vacaville storefront
dispensary owner?

Why is it, that months after the first bust of a local dispensary, we
still have no official explanation from VPD regarding why these
efforts are suddenly taking place now -- at the same time the city is
taxing the proceeds from these very same operations? Does VPD believe
that there are "good actors" and "bad actors" and that their efforts
are solely targeting the latter? If so, then what criteria is VPD
using to distinguish one from the other, and why haven't they made
these criteria public (or to the dispensary owners)? Or is VPD simply
targeting all dispensaries? If so, then why not admit it?

Why has the city council not yet demanded an answer to these

The city council can't have it both ways. If the council truly
believes that Vallejo's dispensaries are illicit, then they should
stop collecting tax dollars from their transactions immediately. If
the council believes that they are not, then they should demand the
VPD to back off. And if the city council and the City Attorney's
Office are unsure one way or the other then they -- and VPD -- should
halt taking any further actions until the state Supreme Court provides

Paul Armentano

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