Pubdate: Fri, 04 May 2012
Source: Agassiz Harrison Observer (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Agassiz Observer
Author: Gary Huntbatch


It is good that a lower mainland coalition of eight mayors are asking
for the decriminalization of marijuana.

While there are those who oppose this move on the grounds that pot is
a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs here is my opinion as to why
they are both right, and wrong. If pot were a gateway drug then a
large percentage of those over 50 would be either dead from overdose,
criminally supporting a habit or just totally wasted each day from
their addictions. That is my argument against the 'gateway' concept.

On the other hand, with pot as an illegal substance the only way to
obtain it is through the criminal element, the pusher. The pusher,
like any good salesperson/entrepreneur, will try to up sell you to a
more addictive and higher profit product because the pushers only
interest is making money. That then is my view supporting the idea
that yes, pot is a gateway drug, but only if it is illegal.

I hope the mayors' initiative will spread to other mayors MLAs,
premiers and MPs throughout the country bringing an end to the madness.

Gary Huntbatch
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