Pubdate: Wed, 02 May 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror


Mayor Wendal Milne appears to be holding firm to his election 
promise. He is holding a tight rein on finances at the district 
despite the frequent requests for contributions for events such as 
film projects and Juno Award bids.

The Economic Development Commission and Mayor Milne decided to forego 
the contribution of $12,000 for the Juno Award bid. Victoria is going 
ahead with the bid and other municipalities closer to the city are 
also contributing. Sooke is too far from the maddening crowd to reap 
any perceivable benefit. Good common sense decision.

Other decisions made recently include the signing of a motion to 
support decriminalization of marijuana. Decriminalization is 
different than legalization. Laws will still be in place to control 
consumption of pot and under-age youth will not be legally allowed to 
partake of the herb. Alcohol causes more pain and anguish than 
marijuana ever has and a sensible user does not become addicted 
anymore than a social drinker becomes an alcoholic. There are 
regulations that need to be in place and education must be a high 
priority. Mayor Milne and council have to be commended for taking a 
common sense approach to a problem. The war on drugs isn't working - 
never has. It has been a obsession spawned by the United States 
filtered up to Canada. We don't need our young or old people 
acquiring criminal records for inhaling.

Tax revenues from marijuana sales could be used to fund our 
over-burdened health care system. Perhaps if some folks had help with 
their psychological problems they wouldn't be turning to misuse of 
any drug, be it alcohol or marijuana.
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