Pubdate: Tue, 01 May 2012
Source: Arizona Daily Wildcat (AZ Edu)
Copyright: 2012 Arizona Daily Wildcat
Author: Allen Carlisle

IN RESPONSE TO THE APRIL 30 ARTICLE titled "Recreational marijuana 
smoking unimportant, should remain illegal":

What a joke of an article you wrote about legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana Prohibition is an outrage, and the biggest anti-libertarian 
law I have ever seen. Why is the government regulating what is put 
into our bodies? Marijuana users ARE NOT infringing on anyone else's 
right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In these harsh economic times, billions of dollars are wasted on 
penalizing/incarcerating marijuana users for victimless "crimes." 
Money could be saved for the American taxpayers by making marijuana 
legal and taxing the sale of this medicinal plant. Your biased 
rhetoric against marijuana is totally false. You have no clue what 
you are talking about when you say that it will lead to nothing but 
negative impacts. I wish you would re-evaluate and help to end this 
irrational prohibition.

- - Allen Carlisle,

Vicksburg, Miss.
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