Pubdate: Fri, 20 Apr 2012
Source: Salmon Arm Observer (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Salmon Arm Observer
Author: Joan vonNiessen


In response to Todd Lumley's letter in the Shuswap Market News from April 6:

I am a neurotherapist here in Salmon Arm and have a unique 
perspective on the effects of regular use of marijuana. I do brain 
assessments to identify imbalanced brain patterns and provide 
neurofeedback or 'brain training' to shape brain waves into more 
healthy patterns. Those who have recently smoked marijuana or smoke 
marijuana on a regular basis are easy to identify because they have 
noticeably higher alpha activity over the frontal area of the brain.

Repeated use of marijuana creates a brain condition called Frontal 
Alpha ADHD. It is characterized by excessive, repetitive and 
unfocused speech, poor organizational skills and a compromised 
ability to plan and complete tasks - in short, chronic use of pot is 
associated with reduced brain efficiency.

Mr. Lumley suggests that marijuana is a less toxic choice than 
alcohol or tobacco. I will offer this quote by Dr. Paul Swingle, 
Ph.D., of Vancouver, a pioneer and expert in brain assessment and 
neurofeedback: "Despite all the hype about cannabis being a 
relatively harmless alternative to alcohol, chronic use damages the brain."

Joan vonNiessen
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