Pubdate: Wed, 11 Apr 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Ellen Lewers


I have been reading the letters of marijuana use, debate, etc. My 
questions are these. Why take any mind altering drugs, marijuana, 
ecstacy, alcohol, heroin? Do we love our children? If we care and 
love our children, why would we encourage any drug use?

Why would any responsible adult encourage substance use to alter the 
mind of anyone?

Could you imagine giving a little child of one, any mind altering 
drug? How about a three year old? How about a five year old? At what 
age do you think it okay to give your child a drug which may alter 
the way they will spend the rest of their lives and thus, decide who 
they may or may not become?

Would not any responsible, loving adult do everything in their power 
to raise their children with an initiative to choose a healthy way of 
life and to grow up to be the best that they could be?

How many of the hundreds of thousands of drug and/or alcohol addicted 
adults thought they would be who they ended up being when they took 
their first drink, first marijuana, ecstacy, heroin, prescription drug, etc?

Whitney Houston did not want to be the way she ended up being. It was 
not her intent when she took her first drink to take other drugs as 
well and end her life the way she did.

Let's just all join together to continue to encourage our children to 
make healthy choices for their bodies and minds.

Ellen Lewers

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