Pubdate: Sun, 08 Apr 2012
Source: Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Copyright: 2012 Record Searchlight
Author: Patrick Luna


Hello, Redding.

Love your town: mighty Sacramento running through the middle, glorious
Trinity Alps beckon to the west, the magnificent Shasta dominating the
north, while old man Lassen nods to the east. Some of our favorite
restaurants are there and in the winter, coming from Reno, the weather
is like going to a foreign land. You've saved some of your classic
downtown and your parks are beautiful. And there's the rub.

Walking my dog through Tiger Field on a recent visit, one of your
colorful characters who obviously spends all his days under one of the
trees in the park along with dozens of others, reminded me -- in no
uncertain way -- that "dogs were not allowed." I hadn't seen the sign
and he was right, of course. Then he proceeded to squat down next to
the cinderblock restrooms to smoke a bowl of meth just 25 feet from
where young children were swinging.

Change the sign: No Dogs Allowed but Drug Addicts Welcome! Better
clean it up, Redding. I worked as a fireman/paramedic for 25 years in
big cities and I spent much of my career with people who "live under
the bridges," but you have them taking over your parks during daylight
hours. I promise you won't like what's coming if you don't.

Patrick Luna, Reno
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