Pubdate: Wed, 04 Apr 2012
Source: Eagle Valley News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sicamous Eagle Valley News
Author: Alli M. Graham


RE: Colin Mayes' column in the March 28 Eagle Valley News.

Colin Mayes has conveniently avoided the main issue in his opposition
to legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is a cash crop. Why else would all
these illegal grow-ops go to such expensive, highly-technical
procedures to maintain their operations?

Take away the huge profit margin and it would flop just like any other
business - legal or otherwise.

Remember back in history when prohibition was tried, and what a fiasco
that was? Now alcohol is legal yet abuse of it is every bit as
dangerous as any other drug. I presume Mayes is a total abstainer as I
saw no mention of alcohol in his account.

The medical licences sold by the government for marijuana grow-ops is
a farce, as exposed on TV just recently. If the federal government is
truly interested in cost saving, then it should legalize marijuana,
take the profit out of all these illegal sales and thus eliminate the
high cost of all the prosecutions and court appearances of growers and

Then, perhaps government could also afford to reverse its tampering
with the pension system and leave it at 65.

Alli M. Graham
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