Pubdate: Sun, 25 Mar 2012
Source: Marblehead Reporter (MA)
Copyright: 2012 GateHouse Media, Inc.
Author: Edward Friedman


So the push is on again to legalize marijuana, with both a front-page 
article ("Bill to legalize marijuana gets local boost," Marblehead 
Reporter, March 15-21) and an editorial ("Messages and marijuana," 
Reporter, March 15-21) claiming that marijuana smoke has medical 
benefits. But these benefits are easily available without having 
people blow the smoke in my face. Unfortunately, the harm to me from 
having the smoke blown in my face is real.

If there are chemicals in marijuana smoke that have a medical 
benefit, these chemicals are either distilled from the leaves by the 
heat or formed during the combustion process. In either case, the 
chemicals can be isolated in a factory or a laboratory and 
administered to those who need it with subjecting the whole world to 
whatever side effects there may be (not the least of which is the 
hideous and penetrating odor).

We don't spread penicillin in an aerosol over the whole community 
just because a few people have strep infections. -

Edward Friedman, Lehman Road
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