Pubdate: Wed, 07 Mar 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Ted Dever


Marijuana is insidious and despicable. It has no value as it is a 
proven fact that any amount of this drug will start negative changes 
in the parts of the brain that is needed for bonding and mood control.

World re-nown Dr. Daniel G Amen, MD, Psychiatrist, has done extensive 
research and treated many thousands of people of all ages for 
problems associated with the brain, many of them caused by the use of 
controlled and uncontrolled drugs. He is licensed in nuclear brain 
imaging. The deep limbic system at the center of the brain is the 
bonding and mood control centre. The prefrontal cortex, the front tip 
of the brain changes by the use of marijuana which starts the process 
of making bad decisions. It therefore can be the result of poor 
control of oneself easily advancing into addiction to the drug 
affecting one system of the brain, which affects another system, and 
on it goes as long as this drug as well as other drugs are being used.

It brings on lack of interest, motivation and energy changing 
perfusion patterns of the brain.

Social withdrawal will result if students begin using the drug and 
dropping out of school is most often the result.

The marijuana brain looks as though areas are eaten away and affects 
language and learning. Very few people leave once they enter the gate 
to most possible addiction. It is closed behind them so rarely do 
they come back out. They go on to heavier use and other drugs.

When your brain works right so can a person but, if your brain 
doesn't work right neither can the person which begins the 
downgrading of society values. Some people are under the cloud of 
misconception about its use. Healthy choices are the best ways to enjoy health.

Ted Dever

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