Pubdate: Wed, 22 Feb 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Ted Dever


Re: Marijuana use and other drug use.

Steve Finlay, secretary treasurer of LEAP Canada is strongly in favour
of removing prohibition from drugs that are not legalized.

As Scott Hilderlley has said he has visited the LEAP website and found
they believe in the legalization of all drugs. I have done the same
thing and find the same answers. I doubt by what Steve Finlay says as
Drug Science .org clearly states that if marijuana use is a predictor
of harmful behavior then it is argued marijuana use is a threat to
public health regardless of the effect on the individual. It appears
that the biochemical changes induced by marijuana in the brain results
in drug-seeking, drug-taking behaviour which most often will lead the
user to experiment with other pleasurable substances. The risk of
progression from marijuana to cocaine and heroin is well documented.
Marijuana users are 66 times more likely to use cocaine subsequently
than subjects who have never used marijuana.

The 1990 survey of "Pride" documents further the fact that marijuana
is a gateway drug to more destructive dependency drugs. It has been
reported that marijuana users progression to cocaine is 10 times
greater than the risk of a heavy tobacco smoker to develop cancer of
the lung. It is a fact that the major epidemic of cocaine consumption
since the mid-80s was preceded by marijuana epidemic of the 1970s. The
sequence of involvement into drugs progresses from the use of at least
one legal drug cigarettes/alcohol to marijuana and from marijuana to
other illicit drugs. Alcohol and cigarette use come first followed by
marijuana use and then by the use of other illicit substances.

Teenagers are especially at risk to drug abuse if they begin with
marijuana. Prevention by promoting healthy choices in the life of
youth is a must and it is hopeful speakers will come forth that will
teach youth how to stay away from health problems caused by the use of
any illicit drug.

Prohibition should be here to stay.

Ted Dever

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