Pubdate: Thu, 16 Feb 2012
Source: Almaguin News (CN ON)
Copyright: Almaguin News 2012
Author: Rick Dalton


I was overwhelmed when I read the letter from Dan Mulligan in the 
Feb. 1 edition of the Forester. I am astounded that a currently 
serving police officer would agree that we should decriminalize 
marijuana. Does he not know the crimes associated with this illicit 
drug are rampant and widespread? I spent three years in an undercover 
capacity at a drug squad unit while employed by the Metropolitan 
Toronto Police Force. Maybe he should come down to the "big smoke" to 
see how we deal with it: executing a search warrant on a house where 
the occupant tried to kill me and my partner to protect his stash of 
54 kilos of marijuana; the shootings that occur in the Jane/Finch 
corridor and eastern Scarborough over drugs and drug debts.

This drug, as all illicit drugs or narcotics, in my respectful 
opinion, is the scourge of the earth. Youths committing break and 
enters into homes and stealing from our shopkeepers, all to get money 
to purchase this "benign, God-given plant." I think not. The growers, 
smugglers, dealers and users are criminals and should be treated as such.

"Decriminalizing our youth", a primary measure. Where have you been 
hiding or is their no marijuana in Bracebridge or surrounding 
Muskoka? I do not know how much stronger my words can be. But to 
decriminalize marijuana to support a measure to decriminalize our 
youth is a process in the wrong direction.

Finally, I ask, what would you do Dan if your kids) came home with a 
pound of "weed" stashed in their backpacks? The same I think all of 
us would do, call the police.

Rick Dalton

Former Lake of Bays cottager

retired police officer

Metropolitan Toronto Police Force
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