Pubdate: Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Source: Salt Lake Tribune (UT)
Copyright: 2012 Kirk Muse
Author: Kirk Muse


Thanks for Christopher Holifield's thoughtful letter, "Needless 
tragedy" (Forum, Feb. 12). When I read about Ogden police Officer 
Jared Francom's death, I felt both anger and sadness because our 
once-free country is now a police state.

When our police can and do kick in the doors of American citizens in 
the middle of the night because they suspect the occupants are using 
or growing some "unapproved" natural herb and medicine, we no longer 
have a free country.

The words "freedom" and "justice" should be removed from our 
monuments and government buildings. Send the Statue of Liberty back 
to France or rename it the "Statue of Hypocrisy."

The most incarcerated nation in history does not deserve a Statue of 
Liberty. A country where its adult citizens are not free to 
self-medicate, even in the privacy of their own homes, does not 
deserve a Statue of Liberty.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ari
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