Pubdate: Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Source: Salt Lake Tribune (UT)
Copyright: 2012 DeAnna Bangerter Kennard
Author: DeAnna Bangerter Kennard


It was with disgust that I read "Needless tragedy" (Forum, Feb. 12). 
Christoper Holifield claims that if marijuana were legal, Officer 
Jared Francom would not have been killed and the wounding of the 
other officers would have never happened. What a pathetic excuse for 
legalizing the use and distribution of marijuana!

Matthew David Stewart is accused of maiming and murdering law 
enforcement heroes as they were protecting society. That is the way 
he reacted when faced with adversity. The man performed an evil act 
because of his personality, not because marijuana is illegal.

I am saddened for the suffering of the officers and their families. 
And I am appalled at such pathetic reasoning to legalize a hallucinogenic drug.

DeAnna Bangerter Kennard

Heber City
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