Pubdate: Sat, 04 Feb 2012
Source: Intelligencer, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2012, Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: Alan Coxwell


Re: Liberals' bid to be serious goes up in a puff of smoke (Jan. 17)

Jon Chambers' editorial displays a classic mindset based on 
ignorance, outright lies and billions of dollars worth of American 
propaganda which has streamed into Canada and around the world since 
President Nixon started the War on Drugs back in 1972.

As we discovered, Nixon was a liar and a crook.

As a friend of mine would say, "Jon Chambers' mind is like a batch of 
cement. All mixed up and permanently set."

Resolution 117, sponsored by the Young Liberals of Canada in British 
Columbia, to legalize and regulate cannabis (marijuana) was passed 
with a 77 per cent majority.

Anyone who watched the proceedings live on the internet would be 
aware that a large and energetic youth faction has embraced the 
Liberal Party. This is a historic, long-overdue sea change in 
Canadian politics.

Chambers said, "We need people whose beliefs are unwavering." No we 
don't. We need people who seek the truth and develop evidence-based 
policy built on those truths rather than ideologically driven "beliefs".

Stephen Harper believes "Drugs are not bad because they are illegal. 
Drugs are illegal because they are bad." He is partially right. Some 
drugs are very bad. Alcohol is a drug. Dr. Tim Stockwell, director at 
the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, says, "Alcohol-related 
violence and accidents account for approximately 6,000 deaths per 
year in Canada."

Do I need to mention highly addictive cigarettes? I challenge Jon 
Chambers to find me one verifiable death caused by the consumption of 
cannabis ... ever.

Chambers asks, "If the argument for legalizing marijuana is simply 
because the 'war on drugs' hasn't worked, why stop at just 
marijuana?" Personally, I would follow the lead Portugal took over 10 
years ago and legalize all drugs.

Why do politicians think they should dictate what anyone puts into 
their own body? As I pointed out above, the most dangerous drugs are 
just fine with them. As Republican (Conservative) presidential 
hopeful Dr. Ron Paul said in a recent debate, "Who in this room is 
going to run out and try some heroin tonight if it was legal? That is 
just nonsense."

Chambers goes on to say, "They [Liberals] should come up with 
resolutions that will benefit the country." Well Jon, if you look at 
the evidence the legalization of cannabis might just be the most 
beneficial thing we could possibly do for Canada.

Canadian farmers could grow hemp, the same genus of plant as 
cannabis, which is therefore almost impossible to grow legally today. 
Hemp provides superior food, fuel and fibre. Hemp seeds contain up to 
24 per cent protein. A handful of seed provides the minimum daily 
requirement for adults.

We can make durable clothing, building materials, paper, medicine and 
a host of other products from this plant. In 1941 Henry Ford, who 
grew hemp on his own farm, built a car body with hemp fibre and 
powered it with fuel synthesized from the plant.

Ford actually stated he believed we should "grow" our cars. He proved 
it was possible. One can only imagine the increase in American 
tourists visiting Canada, truly the home of the free.

If God created everything on Earth certainly He must have created 
this plant. Why? For the above mentioned positive uses for mankind or 
to lock Canadians up in cages for six months for growing six plants?

 From my perspective it appears a new generation has finally figured 
out that if you want politics to change you are going to have to do 
it yourself.

More power to them.

Alan Coxwell

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