Pubdate: Wed, 08 Feb 2012
Source: Sooke News Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2012 Sooke News Mirror
Author: Wayne Phillips


It would be great to have a conversation with Cpl. Scott Hilderley, 
but what is the point when he uses every opportunity to spread 
misinformation, make outlandish remarks, or diminish efforts for 
sensible drug policy. Simply put, Hilderley does not seem interested 
in honest dialogue.

Hilderley is also mistaken about the MMAR program; physicians don't 
prescribe marijuana. Every Canadian citizen qualifies automatically 
for MMAR if they meet the Health Canada criteria -- namely providing 
evidence of a qualifying condition, including, in some instances, a 
specialist for their condition. This has nothing to do with the 
doctor's views on the matter, patients either qualify or they do not. 
Moreover, unless Hilderley has medical credentials, he is simply not 
qualified to make pronouncements regarding the medicinal use of cannabis.

How is it, though, that in spite of his concerns about marijuana, 
Hilderley supports a policy that neither safeguards youth or 
communities but, interestingly enough, does provide for him a pay 
cheque? That's not paranoia or a distortion; it is fact.

Legalizing and regulating cannabis in Canada would remove the profit 
motive organized crime garners domestically, but to think it would 
eliminate international markets amid prohibition is wishful thinking. 
Profits, after all, are the impetus for drug prohibition. Legalizing 
and regulating cannabis in Canada, however, would free up resources 
to target those who would supply our neighbours from within Canadian borders.

Hilderley is way off base with regarding Law Enforcement Against 
Prohibition (LEAP) and Educators For Sensible Drug Policy (ESDP); 
they are both appalled by failings of drug prohibition, the harm done 
to youth and communities, and the defacto legislative enabling of 
organized crime. LEAP, by the way, is an international organization 
primarily made up of retired drug warriors, who have been there and 
know the devastation wrought by drug prohibition first hand. That is 
why they are speaking out. Educators For Sensible Drug Policy are 
professionals who have witnessed first hand how prohibition fails to 
safeguard youth.

If Hilderley is interested, I would gladly introduce him to 
individuals within either LEAP or ESDP. Perhaps if he spoke with them 
firsthand, he'd be less inclined to defend the indefensible.

Wayne Phillips

Hamilton, Ontario
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