Pubdate: Tue, 24 Jan 2012
Source: State, The (SC)
Copyright: 2012 The State
Author: Rep. Anne Thayer


Legislative action is needed in the fight against synthetic drugs. As
soon as a substance is controlled, someone changes the compounds to
make it legal again. The news is filled with frightening tales about
the problem caused by bath salts, spice and other synthetic drug threats.

Last year I introduced legislation to combat this threat, H.3793.
There are 65 co-sponsors to my bill, which enjoys bipartisan support
in the House. Working with my fellow lawmakers and law enforcement, an
important amendment has been crafted to keep our laws light years
ahead of the criminals. This amendment, which will be before the House
Judiciary Committee today, is a crucial step in making sure law
enforcement has the tools it needs to combat the synthetic drug threat.

Let your voice be heard about the need to stay ahead of the curve with
the synthetic drug threat. If your House member is part of the
coalition of supporters of this bill, please thank him or her.
Together we can make South Carolina safer for our children.

Rep. Anne Thayer

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