Pubdate: Thu, 19 Jan 2012
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
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Author: Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun


TORONTO - A part-time pot dealer who alleged police brutalized him was 
accused of lying about putting money from an insurance settlement into 
a safety deposit box containing drug proceeds.

Defence lawyer John Rosen suggested to witness Christopher Quigley 
Wednesday that his account of mixing $38,500 in insurance cash with 
the profits of his pot sales was pure fiction.

Rosen suggested Quigley wouldn't have mingled his "legitimate" 
insurance cash - collected after he lost an expensive ring - with 
"dirty money," instead of putting it into a bank account where the 
currency was safe from police seizure.

"I'll put to you that the story of the $38,500 cheque being deposited, 
as false as it is, is as false as the rest of your story," Rosen asserted.

"I'm not going to agree with you," replied Quigley.

The 46-year-old jewelry broker had earlier testified that he feared 
for his life as members of an elite group of Toronto drug squad 
officers "pulverized" him in an unprovoked beating inside an 
interrogation room at 53 Division on April 30, 1998.

It was the opening day of cross-examination by Rosen, who represents 
John Schertzer, one of the five former members of Central Field Command.

Schertzer, 54, Steve Correia, 44, Ned Maodus, 48, Joseph Miched, 53, 
and Raymond Pollard, 47, collectively face 29 charges - laid in 
January 2004 - including obstructing justice, perjury, assault and 
extortion related to their work between 1997 and 2002. Each has 
pleaded not guilty to all the charges which are linked to drug investigations.

Quigley alleged the officer took an $8,000 sapphire, a $2,500 pair of 
alligator cowboy boots and some $31,000 from his 61-year-old mom's 
safety deposit box which contained almost $54,000.

Rosen accused the witness of urging his mother, Greeba, a retired 
teacher, of writing a false note to police, stating there was $54,000 
in her safety box.

"That's a lie," replied Quigley.

The trial continues Thursday.
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