Pubdate: Sun, 15 Jan 2012
Source: Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
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Author: Cecelia-Campbell-Livingston


The Gregory Isaacs Foundation launched its anti-drug campaign last
October -- celebrating the memorial of the late singer who passed on
that day.

Widow June Isaacs says the messages has been playing locally an
internationally on radio, television and on the Internet.

Her strategy getting the message across is using comments from her
late husband in edited audio and video comments about his own drug

"The medium of the Internet has taken off like a firestorm with tons
of sites commenting and sharing the message and the ad," she says.

According to her, the video has gotten over 400 views so far on
Facebook but she has no way of judging its real impact as it has been
shared and downloaded by thousands of people.

"There has been no survey on the demographics of the people who have
seen the campaign, but every young person we have come in contact
with, who had seen the campaign, have learnt something from Gregory's
habit. Hopefully, it will cause abstinence from drugs and gun
violence," Isaacs says.

Although she is pleased with the response the ad has been receiving on
the Internet sites she says her immediate focus for the anti drug
campaign is to "get the message to the youths starting with a high
school tour."

Isaacs widow has no intention of letting up as she says the ultimate
goal is for young people to realise that every drug - whether cocaine,
ganja, alcohol is bad and can ruin lives.

"We want to empower every young person that pays attention to the
campaign with the knowledge that it is ok to say "NO" and to stay in
control of their future.

As a means of keeping the campaign fresh, June says she plans on
relaunching it ever Drug Awareness Month for as long as she can.
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