Pubdate: Wed, 11 Jan 2012
Source: Merritt News (CN BC)
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Author: Robin Poon, News Reporter


RCMP Chief Supt. Mike Sekela announced in a Chilliwack press 
conference Wednesday afternoon that Staff Sgt. Stu Seib, commander of 
the Merritt RCMP detachment, has been accused of stealing and using cocaine.

Sekela said that Seib was arrested on Tuesday after an investigation 
that lasted several days. He is accused of taking cocaine from the 
same police drug exhibit on more than one occasion.

"On Friday, Jan. 6, we became aware that Staff Sgt. Stuart Seib stole 
and used drug exhibits," said Sekela.

He said he then ordered a criminal investigation as well as an 
internal Code of Conduct investigation headed by "senior, experienced 
officers who worked through the weekend."

"The investigations include an audit of all exhibits under the 
member's control," added Sekela.

So far, Seib has been charged with theft but more charges are expected.

In the meantime, Seib has been suspended from duty and no longer has 
access to police facilities. Sekela said police have seized Seib's 
badge and gun, per RCMP policy regarding suspended members. His pay 
will likely be suspended starting Friday.

"While the alleged actions of this member are extremely troubling, 
they are clearly not representative of the high moral and ethical 
standards of the vast majority of the members of the RCMP," said 
Sekela. "These actions do not meet my expectations or those of the public."

Sgt. Norm Flemming, temporary Merritt RCMP detachment commander 
following the departure of Staff Sgt. Scott Tod last summer, told the 
News Wednesday evening that he has resumed those duties.

Flemming handed the reins over to Seib last November.

"Until, I guess, Monday, he had been the detachment commander," said Flemming.

Asked if the Merritt detachment was involved in the investigation of 
Seib, he replied, "I'm not really permitted to discuss the case specifically."

Sekela said his staff met with Merritt officials as well as local 
RCMP employees on Monday to notify them that Seib is under investigation.

"I am very confident that they remain committed and dedicated to 
keeping their community safe," he said of the Merritt detachment.

Seib's last posting was in Clearwater. He has over 18 years of 
experience as an RCMP officer.
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