Pubdate: Thu, 12 Jan 2012
Source: Reno News & Review (NV)
Copyright: 2012, Chico Community Publishing, Inc.
Author: Dennis Myers


Pro-marijuana forces are giving up on one of their favorite states,
for the time being, anyway.

No effort will be made by the Marijuana Policy Project to go to the
Nevada ballot with a legalize-and-regulate measure in 2012. Instead
the project, which has backed several earlier Nevada ballot
initiatives, will focus on Colorado, where the Campaign to Regulate
Marijuana Like Alcohol gathered almost twice the number of required
signatures on an initiative petition.

Marijuana issues of one kind or another have appeared on the Nevada
ballot by petition in 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2006. Enough signatures
were gathered for another ballot measure in 2004 but a box of
petitions containing 6,000 of those signatures were misplaced until
after the filing deadline ("Weeding out signatures," RN&R, July 1,
2004) and in 2010 a marijuana petition failed to attract enough
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