Pubdate: Fri, 06 Jan 2012
Source: Abbotsford News (CN BC)
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Page: A10
Author: Colin Daniel


Re: Letter from George Bochenek, Dec. 27. This is a very uninformed 
letter. First off, the Beatles song Let It Be is not about marijuana 
- - it is about Paul McCartney's mother.

Now to this marijuana issue. I have a friend who contacted a disease 
called fibromyalgia. It is a crippling disease with no cure. Before 
this came on, she ran 10 miles four times a week; a mother of two and 
very active woman - bright, talented and positive.

She has been fighting this disease for over five years. She has gone 
to many doctors and none have been able to help her. She is now 
bedridden, in excruciating pain.

Because of the drugs she has been given, she fights depression, 
lethargy and doubled her weight. She is not a pot head, but what she 
discovered through a friend was that marijuana was the only thing 
that helped her at all - she could actually function somewhat with 
the intake of marijuana.

I have never heard of anybody dying of a marijuana overdose.

There have been many who have died from legal prescription drugs. How 
many people have died from smoking tobacco? All those chemicals and 
toxins that are mixed in to the natural tobacco leaf to get smokers 
addicted - the government collects huge on tobacco. Everybody knows 
if you smoked a little natural tobacco leaf, it certainly wouldn't do 
the damage that the processed tobacco does.

Get your head out of the sand, this is 2012.

Colin Daniel
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