Pubdate: Wed, 21 Dec 2011
Source: Coppell Gazette (TX)
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Author: James Roth


Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested last week on
federal drug charges for dealing a large amount of drugs in the
Chicago,Ill., area. One of Hurd's contacts, who met with informants,
was employed at a business in Coppell.

Hurd's contact, who goes by the name of T.L., is a co-conspirator,
according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and
Customs Enforcement. According to court documents, T.L. was employed
at a repair shop in Coppell and conducted deals with informants
multiple times in Coppell over a five-month period.

According to court documents, the case against Hurd began on July 27
when T.L. was attempting to coordinate the purchase of approximately
four kilograms of cocaine for a then-unknown buyer -- later identified
as Hurd -- with a confidential informant.

Homeland Security agents subsequently coordinated with the Dallas
County Constable who conducted a routine traffic stop of the vehicle
being driven by T.L. in Dallas. A search of the car revealed a bag,
covered in green leafy plant that tested positive for marijuana. The
bag contained $88,000 in it.

T.L. said the money and the car belonged to Hurd. T.L. told police
that he had known Hurd for a considerable time, and he conducts all
vehicle maintenance and detailing on Hurd's vehicle from the Firestone
Auto Care in Coppell where he worked. Police seized the money and T.L.
and the vehicle were released without incident.

According to court documents, weeks later on Aug. 14, T.L. negotiated
with the informant for approximately five kilograms of cocaine on
behalf of Hurd. T.L. identified Hurd to the informant as a player in
the National Football League. T.L. stated the deal could be completed
after hours at the Firestone Auto Care shop in Coppell.

On Dec. 6, after meeting with the informant two additional times, T.L.
once again met with the informant at the Firestone Auto Care in
Coppell. T.L. notified the informant that Hurd had been traded to the
Chicago Bears and that Hurd wanted to meet with the informant.

After the informant had a short conversation on the phone with Hurd,
T.L. reiterated that the narcotics transaction could be completed at
the Firestone shop and proceeded to show the informant the shop and
explained in detail the manner in which the illicit transaction could
be conducted there.

One week later, Hurd was arrested at a steak house in Chicago after
stating that he was interested in purchasing five to 10 kilograms of
cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in the
Chicago area. Hurd negotiated the deal with the informant as well as a
Homeland Security undercover agent. After accepting a kilogram of
cocaine from the undercover agent, Hurd left the restaurant and placed
the cocaine into his vehicle, then law enforcement placed Hurd under

Hurd has been charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent
to dispute. Hurd was released on $100,000 bail on Dec. 16. The case
will be handled by the federal court for Northern District of Texas.
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