Pubdate: Sun, 11 Dec 2011
Source: Herald Democrat (Sherman,TX)
Copyright: 2011 Herald Democrat
Author: Jonathan Cannon, Herald Democrat


The Denison School Board will likely at its board meeting on Tuesday
set in motion the start of construction at Hyde Park, Lamar and Mayes

With the drawings done, the board will at 6:30 p.m. consider
guaranteed maximum prices for these schools. The meeting will be in
the Board Room, 1201 S. Rusk Ave.

The prices will be the absolute most the district can expect to pay
for the projects. Meeting documents state that the actual guaranteed
maximum prices will be distributed at the meeting with a
recommendation provided then.

Members will also receive updates from the Bond Oversight Committee
and district's architect, construction manager and construction
manager at risk regarding the progress of construction.

In addition the board will discuss a new policy for student athletes:
required drug testing. The policy comes at the request of the
district's athletic director and girls athletics coordinator. It would
require all student in 7th through 12th grades entering athletics or
cheerleading to submit to a drug test and would conduct random testing
as well.

"The purpose of the drug testing program is to give students a reason
to say "No" to peer pressure to use drugs so that they may safely
participate in athletics/cheerleading," it is stated in meeting
documents. "Additionally the drug testing program intends to prevent
injury, illness and harm that could be caused from participating in
strenuous athletic activity, many times involving extreme bodily
contact, while under the influence of illegal drugs/alcohol."

In other business, the board will consider:

- - accepting Denison Education Foundation grants;

- - the 2010-2011 district audit;

- - the 2012-2013 budget calendar;

- - the taxation of goods in transit; and

- - Davis-Bacon wage rates for Hyde Park, Lamar and Mayes elementary
additions and renovations.

In addition to the regular meeting, the board will hold a special
meeting at 6:15 p.m. in the same location for a public hearing
regarding the taxation of goods in transit. 
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