Pubdate: Sun, 11 Dec 2011
Source: Herald Democrat (Sherman,TX)
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Author: Mary Jane Farmer
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BONHAM - The Fannin County Sheriff's Office was still searching late
Saturday for a man who escaped custody last Wednesday.

Fannin County Sheriff Donnie Foster reported that [name redacted], 
33, managed to climb through the back-seat window on a
patrol car after being handcuffed and placed under arrest. Foster said
officials believe the suspect possibly ran to a nearby residence and
may have been taken from that area in a vehicle, thereby avoiding the
tracking dogs.

The Sheriff's Office narcotics investigators obtained and executed a
search and arrest warrant on a home in Bonham, with the help of Bonham
police, which had been the target of a narcotics investigation. Foster
said the suspect, a woman, and two toddler-age children were home. The
search uncovered a cache of marijuana, cash, and a handgun and a large
amount of ammunition, which Foster said is indicative of drug

They arrested [name redacted] and, following procedure, handcuffed him
with his hands behind his back and put him in a locked patrol car.
However, Foster said, [name redacted] managed to lower the back window
and escape. The Sheriff's Office quarantined the area and brought in
tracking dogs from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice facilities
in Bonham. They searched for about four hours, and then called off the

Because there were children in the residence where the arrest was
made, The Sheriff's Office is making Child Protective Services aware
of the incident, Foster added.

Foster said that the suspect does not have a history of violence, but
cautions the public to be aware of the situation, since he may still
be in the area, as of 2 p.m. Saturday.

Anyone believing they may have seen [name redacted], or who may have
information regarding his whereabouts, is urged to contact local law
enforcement. Fannin County Sheriff's Office has a separate phone line
to accept anonymous tips, and that number is 903-583-2143.
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