Pubdate: Wed, 07 Dec 2011
Source: Record, The (Stockton, CA)
Copyright: 2011 The Record
Author: Gary Armstrong


In his Nov. 4 letter, "Clearing the air on Marijuana," Dr. George M. 
Khoury, president of the San Joaquin Medical Society, didn't clear 
the air with his justification by the San Joaquin Medical Society on 
CMA's adopted policy; they created a purple haze instead.

The doctors who recommend you smoke marijuana are not following the 
standards of care expected or required by state laws, licensing 
requirements and medical accreditation boards including civil courts.

Here are some of the standards a doctor is expected to follow: Has 
the patient misused marijuana or other psychoactive and addictive 
drugs? Is there documentation that the patient has had failure of all 
other conventional medications to treat his or her ailment? Do they 
carefully examine and consistently follow up patients who use smoked 
marijuana as a medical treatment? Is the smoked marijuana free of 
microbial contaminants?

If you went to a doctor for a medical issue, wouldn't you expect them 
to follow the standard of care? Is the medical society looking at the 
therapeutic potentials of specific chemicals in marijuana? Are they 
considering the drug approval process, not just for medical marijuana 
but for all medicines and especially for controlled substances?

Controlled substances are drugs that have recognized abuse potential. 
Marijuana is high on that list because it is widely abused and a 
major cause of drug dependence. If Khoury and the medical society are 
in an "untenable situation," why can't they just say no when a person 
presents with a medical complaint and wants a card that authorizes 
them to be in possession of pot.

Gary Armstrong

Past president, California Narcotics Officers Association

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