Pubdate: Thu, 17 Nov 2011
Source: Alberni Valley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 N.B. dewaal
Author: N.B. dewaal


Re: "Longer sentences help keep public safer," (Alberni Valley Times, Nov. 14)

I read this letter from Ana Porzecanski with incredulity.

In her first sentence, she says the punishment should fit the crime 
and then she encourages blanket sentencing for crime.

How that makes the punishment fit the crime is anyone's guess.

Pedophiles getting less time than someone growing five marijuana 
plants? Hmm, it seems that Ana and King Stephen have no idea what 
real crime is.

Longer sentences have never had any impact on crime rates. A quick 
look at circumstances in the U.S. should be enough to convince anyone.

With crime rates the lowest in years and with the economic situation 
we have in B.C. and in Canada this is the last thing we need 
downloaded onto the provincial budget.

Prepare for huge cuts to health and education, where in my opinion if 
we spent more money in these areas we would have a lower crime rate.

N.B. dewaal

Port Alberni
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