Pubdate: Tue, 04 Oct 2011
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2011 Canoe Limited Partnership


The Supreme Court of Canada's decision to legalize shooting galleries
for junkies, thereby making them exempt from laws covering the
trafficking, possession, and use of illegal drugs, makes us wonder if
these judges had been smoking the drapes.

It was not a rational decision.

It opens the door to legalized drug dens across the country, leaving
Prime Minister Stephen Harper unable to even trigger the
Notwithstanding Clause in the Charter to stop this insanity from advancing.

The court apparently covered its base on that one.

The Insite pilot project in Vancouver's seedy and drug-warped Downtown
Eastside was -- and is -- nothing more than a magnet for hardcore
addicts, as well as an enabler for the continuance of a lifestyle that
is neck deep in negatives.

How the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, could be conned
into believing the Insite project "saved lives and improved health
without increasing the incidence of drug use and crime in the
surrounding area" should be absolutely mind boggling to the vast
majority of Canadians.

What happened to intervention? Or detox? What happened to
rehabilitation? Or prevention?

And, most importantly, what happened to the laws of our country that
suddenly make drug possession legal if there is an Insite banner
flying overhead?

We're not talking about pot here. We're talking about hardcore
narcotics. Disabling drugs. Killer drugs.

No sooner had the Supreme Court made its ruling than the
socialist-driven "harm reduction activists" were advocating the spread
of these legalized drug dens to cities across Canada, and giving them
cute non-offensive names such as "supervised drug consumption sites."

There is even talk of putting wheels on these drug dens, and making
them mobile.

Let's listen in.

"This is dispatch. Send the safe consumption truck to the corner of
Portage and Main. There's a couple of junkies who want to shoot up. Do
you copy? Two junkies. Medium overdose potential.

"Is that a 10-4?"

Don't laugh. With the Harper government purportedly having no way of
stopping this idiocy, it's going to happen right across this country.

The Supreme Court has made a huge mistake, and the Harper government
apparently cannot even use its majority to make it void.

Canada will rue this day. 
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