Pubdate: Wed, 27 Jul 2011
Source: Airdrie City View (CN AB)
Copyright: 2011 Airdrie City View Ltd.
Author: Russell Barth


Re: "Federal government to review medical marijuana program, eliminate abuse by criminals," July 22

Dear editor,

Blake Richards avoids the real issues and muddies the waters in a
deliberate attempt to discredit medical marijuana users. This is how
bullies work.

He says the government is proposing to "Create a new supply and
distribution system for dried marijuana that uses only licensed
commercial producers, to reduce the risk of abuse by criminal elements
and lessen the jeopardy of fires and other public safety threats
associated with home cultivation of medical marijuana." This is
unconstitutional and unworkable. The government is flatly ignoring
court rulings in this regard. It is also exaggerating the so-called
dangers of pot-cultivation. Imagine if the cops came and took away
your driver's license, and when you asked why, they said "Well, we
have some unsubstantiated reports that some people may have been
driving faster than the posted speed limit. So, to ensure public
safety, we are taking away everyone's permits, and forcing everyone to
use public transit." It is called "mass punishment," and is part of
this government's ongoing commitment to cause suffering to the poor
and the sick - and especially pot users.

He says the government is proposing to "Establish an expert advisory
committee to improve physician access to the most up-to-date
information on the potential risks and benefits of medical marijuana
use." This is a waste of time and money. The science is in - cannabis
is safe. There are 20,000 studies to show this. Myself, I use 10 grams
a day and will soon be upping my dose to 18, and my health is only
improving. But the government will likely regard bunk science as
gospel, call me an addict and abuser, cut me down to three grams a day
or less. That means I will end up back in my wheelchair and impotent.

He says the government is proposing to "Streamline the process for
program participants."

Balderdash! They could have streamlined the process years ago by
simply hiring about 200 people for the office, but they haven't done
that, and won't. If they did, the program would work swiftly, two
million Canadians would have permits and the government's whole 'pot
is evil' propaganda campaign falls to dust. Why can't the public see
that the government has been deliberately breaking laws, bending
rules, ignoring court rulings, violating the Charter and deliberately
under-staffing the office in order to make it fail? It is as obvious
as the paunch on our PM!

Blake Richards says, "I must stress, legalization or decriminalization
of marijuana is in no way a part of these changes." Of course not. All
the science and history shows that legalization would reduce costs and
danger and crime, but the Tories don't want that. They want more
crime, more cops, more jails and fewer rights for the public.

Once again the Tories issue a statement full of obfuscation, lies and
balderdash. These rotters are playing politics with people's lives and
lying to the public in the process. It is monstrous.

Russell Barth

Federally licensed medical marijuana user, Ontario
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