Pubdate: Sat, 20 Aug 2011
Source: Vail Daily (CO)
Copyright: 2011 Vail Daily
Author: Jillian Galloway

Thank you for the "To legalize or not to legalize marijuana?" 
article. It's a pity we can't post comments on it.

The problem with Mr. Suthers' position is that while he's "been on 
these panels a long time," he's been there to talk about his opinions 
and hasn't been there to listen to what others had to say. People 
like Suthers start and finish any discussion about marijuana with 
"marijuana must remain illegal," and any logic or reasoning that's 
presented during the discussion is ignored. They are unable to ever 
entertain the possibility that they might be wrong. Their position is 
simply that "marijuana must remain illegal because marijuana must 
remain illegal," and that's that.

Also, it was truly absurd to hear Mr. Coulson suggest that we "won't 
need the DEA in a generation or so" if we increase what we've been 
doing for the past 40 years. Humans have used marijuana for more than 
10,000 years - it is not logical to think that we can ever end 
marijuana use in the U.S.! The best we can do is discourage people 
from using it and provide safe and legal access to it for those who 
do choose to partake. And who better to do this than our 
supermarkets? They know how to card their customers, they're 
reputable companies, and they've proven that they have the ability 
and the will to price these products at a level too low for illegal 
suppliers to match.

Supermarkets are the ideal way to drive drug dealers off our streets 
and bankrupt the murderous and sadistic cartels. We must retain legal 
adult supermarket sales of tobacco and alcohol and allow supermarkets 
to also legally sell marijuana to adults. People like you and I may 
never wish to purchase these products ourselves, but we should always 
insist on them being legal for supermarkets to sell to adults.

Jillian Galloway

Vail, CO Colorado
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