Pubdate: Sat, 20 Aug 2011
Source: Glenwood Springs Post Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2011 Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Author: Bruno Kirchenwitz


Mr. Rovig's opinionated My Side column of Aug. 15 about the evil 
effects of the killer weed on our very impressionable youngsters 
called on all "decent" citizens to fight ever on in our inane crusade 
against drug use. Isn't it strange, I thought, for a member of the 
school board to be so unaware of history.

Doesn't he remember what a dismal and deadly failure prohibition was? 
Our own war on drugs has ruined millions of lives and wasted a 
trillion dollars for over 40 years. Every new drug law is in reality 
a price support for production and distribution.

Drug laws create a black market demand so lucrative that violence and 
death follow easily. Thirty-thousand Mexicans have been murdered in 
their drug war in just five years. So I think Mr. Rovig and his 
fellow purists should take some credit for their drug war's fatalities.

Why does Mr. Rovig find it necessary to restrict the personal choices 
of responsible taxpaying citizens? The war on drugs is responsible 
for making prisons one of our biggest growth industries.

I and millions of Americans have and will continue to use marijuana 
recreationally. The question is, will my money be going to an 
American business or to a Mexican drug cartel?

Since we're so terrified over kids smoking pot, why not target the 
cause of their concern instead of innocent bystanders? Make it a 
mandatory five-year sentence, with no early parole, for anyone caught 
selling pot to anyone under 18.

I figure at that age they're old enough to catch a bullet in war, so 
they should be able to catch a buzz at home.

All those gung-ho drug warriors out there should put their and their 
childrens' noses to the grindstone of personal responsibility and 
keep their noses out of my personal preferences.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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