Pubdate: Fri, 29 Jul 2011
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2011 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Tammy Tenan


It's inhumane to put a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries. It is
denying people the right to access their legal medicine.

People who use and need this drug have cancer, wasting syndrome,
Crohn's disease, terminal illness, or are dealing with a reaction to
chemo -- among other things. Not all of these people can grow their
own supply for many reasons: cost of growing supplies, space to grow
in, knowledge of growing, health restrictions, etc.

There were a couple of dispensaries in Everett prior to this
moratorium, yet the public never saw anything like a "pot farm" such
as was mentioned in a recent article. There are no open fields of
weed, valleys full of pot, not even backyards sporting the plant
alongside the tomatoes. Sure, the plants are being grown to supply the
dispensaries, but there are no signs of the activity as far as the
public can see.

There also weren't any traffic concerns that came to reality while the
dispensaries were operating, so the idea of needing to study the
impact of the business is pure hogwash.

Stop the moratorium and zone the businesses so they have operating
areas to work within, like what is done for the adult clubs.

Our governor proved she has no backbone, no ability to protect
citizens' legal rights, and no forethought as to the impact her lack
of leadership has had on medical marijuana patients. I hope our county
and city councils have more fortitude than our governor.

Tammy Tenan

Camano Island
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