Pubdate: Thu, 28 Jul 2011
Source: Leduc Representative (CN AB)
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Author: Chad Wentworth



There has never been a more misunderstood culture as the one we are
faced with in this never-ending war against harmful drugs. We are all
concerned about our youth purchasing and consuming hallucinogenic
substances. Rather than continue to seek a legal recourse every time
some new substance makes the headlines, it would be so much better to
focus on public education! One thing you can count on is the
availability of information on which to make educated decisions.

A recent article outlines concerns raised by the Leduc Community Drug
Action Committee regarding the sale of salvia and Happy Shaman Herbs
in our community. As members of this community, we felt it prudent to
share information with you regarding these products. Be assured, our
intent is to educate, not to create further controversy.

Shaman herbs are not something new, and have been used for centuries
for ceremonial and spiritual applications. Happy Shaman Herbs is
simply a variety of blends made available for such purposes.

These herbs are not meant for human consumption, but rather, incense
to be burned during such ceremonies. It is not synthetic cannabis and,
unlike tobacco products, it is not full of chemicals.

Shaman throughout time have applied the use of such herbs in a variety
of manners, from spiritual enlightenment, to healing, to communication
with one's inner-self. None of these herbs are illegal, nor are they
marketed for their hallucinogenic properties.

It is unfortunate that these substances sometimes find their way into
the hands of those not educated as to their use and purpose. Often it
is a lack of information that creates fear and compels people to react
in some manner deemed appropriate by their peers. Turning to the legal
system to protect us from a lack of information and understanding
simply helps create the society we are trying so hard to avoid.

The availability of such products like salvia and Happy Shaman herbs
is inevitable as it serves its purpose in providing legal alternatives
for those seeking such a culture. Would you rather our family members
be labelled as criminals for the simple possession of such substances?
It is such a shame that we as Canadians are not deemed intelligent
enough ourselves to make informed, educated decisions regarding any
product we may choose to purchase.

Instead we seek a legal system that has so far failed in preventing
harmful activities surrounding the illegal drug trade. Smoke shops in
our communities provide natural, legal alternatives to those of legal
age. Contrary to popular belief, these substances are not sold to
anyone under the age of 18. Want more information on the subject?
Please feel free to drop by one of the shops in your area to
personally educate yourself on the matter.

Chad Wentworth

The Chad Smoke Shop 420
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