Pubdate: Mon, 25 Jul 2011
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2011 The London Free Press
Author: Russell Barth


Regarding the editorial Harper and the triumph of liberalism (July 19)
in which Michael Den Tandt wrote, "Possession of small amounts of
marijuana is no longer a criminal offence."

Last summer, Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced a change to the
law so that anything involving marijuana would be a serious offence,
making it harder to plead out or even make bail. Harper also plans to
violate numerous court rulings -- and the Charter -- by taking away
people's right to grow pot for medical purposes. This will force sick
people to use the government-issued ditch weed or go to the street.
The medical marijuana program at Health Canada is dying and about to
be shut down.

Harper has won. Bullies always prevail. About half the public are
cheering on this expensive, counterproductive, gangster-subsidizing
war on freedom, and Den Tandt tells us Harper is becoming more "liberal"?

Russell Barth 

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