Pubdate: Sat, 16 Jul 2011
Source: Lake County Record-Bee (Lakeport, CA)
Copyright: Misty Medvin
Author: Misty Medvin


Here is why I am against limiting the number of marijuana 
dispensaries. The fewer dispensaries there are, the higher the cost 
of medicine will be.

With little competition they can charge whatever outrageous prices 
they wish for making consumers spend hundreds of dollars a month for 
their medicine. This drives clients to seek a cheaper alternative.

A small amount may cost the same, whether from a dispensary or from 
the guy on the street. But for a larger amount, no one can get a 
price break from spending more money with that same guy on the 
street, whereas you would spend the same amount of money at a 
dispensary for a large amount, as if you were to go back to the 
dispensary four times and buy smaller amounts. Even supermarkets give 
better deals when you buy in bulk. The dispensary owners are greedy 
and push all their business into the street into the illegal market. 
We need more dispensaries, not less.

Misty Medvin

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