Pubdate: Mon, 20 Jun 2011
Source: Hawaii Tribune Herald (Hilo, HI)
Copyright: 2011 Hawaii Tribune Herald
Author: Andrea Tischler


Roger Christie is a man ahead of the times. With unflinching personal
convictions, he is being persecuted for his beliefs and detained
without bail (Tribune-Herald, June 12). This is happening in a country
which hypocritically defends freedom of speech and religion and the
right to reasonable bail.

In the future, citizens will be appalled by the manner in which
medical cannabis patients, religious followers and consumers had been
imprisoned during the 40-year war on drugs, which primarily targeted
cannabis consumers.

Christie is a Christian well familiar with the Bible's teachings. When
God commanded in Genesis 1:29, "Behold, I have given you every plant
yielding seed on the face of the earth ... it shall be food for you,"
He/She was not excluding the cannabis plant placed here to teach us
love (aloha) and provide nourishment for understanding and compassion.

Those familiar with the THC Ministry know that Christie has unwavering
beliefs and has dedicated his life to freeing the cannabis plant. He
was not using his church for personal or financial gain. He regards
cannabis as a sacrament and an efficacious medicine.

The ministry was the only safe place on the Big Island where patients
could obtain their medicine. This provided a greatly needed service
that state legislators have still not addressed, even after 11 years
of medical legalization. Only Christie had the courage to do what was
necessary where others have failed.

Roger should be honored for his actions and deeds, rather than being
imprisoned. ... We need to give thanks to the brave crusaders that
have gone before and to those currently being persecuted for standing
up to a corrupt government which passes unjust laws and panders to
special interests.

Free Christie now!

Andrea Tischler

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