Pubdate: Fri, 17 Jun 2011
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Times Colonist
Author: Richard Watts and Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist


A man is likely facing drug charges following a bizarre incident in
which hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars were showered on a city
sidewalk Thursday.

Witnesses and police said between 3: 30 and 4 p.m. a man was on top of
the building housing Maycock Eyecare, 1318 Blanshard St., showering
the street below with cash.

Susan Jones said she was walking on Blanshard Street when "a $20 bill
came past my nose." Then it began raining cash, $10 and $20 bills.

"I looked up and all this money was blowing," said Jones, a Times
Colonist sales representative. "I couldn't tell where it was coming
from and it was just swirling."

Jones said she gathered up bills by the handful for a total of $1,340,
since turned over to police. But at least 10 other people also scooped
up money which, she estimated, amounted to a total three times her

"It was weird - everyone was silently scooping up the money," said

At the scene, Victoria Police Sgt. Alex Yelovatz said one man, aged
about 30, was taken into custody apparently intoxicated. He is
expected to appear in provincial court today charged with drug offences.

Yelovatz said it appears marijuana was also tossed over the side of
the building.

The police officer congratulated Jones on her honesty for turning the
money over. Jones said if it comes back to her she will donate it to

Warren Dingma, who works nearby, said he watched as a man appeared at
the edge of the Maycock Eyecare building and tried to hurl money over
the side.

But Dingma said initially the man wasn't very successful because the
wind blew the bills backwards.

"The wind was blowing pretty good and he couldn't get them over the

Dingma said the man then disappeared from view and nothing happened
until a plume of smoke appeared, too big for a cigarette.

He said he became concerned that a fire had started so he went to a
spot where he could view the second-storey roof. By the time he
achieved a better view there was no sign of the man, the money or any

Brian Maycock, of Maycock Eyecare, said he was unaware of the incident
until someone who works nearby told him. He went to investigate and
could see two $10 bills lying on the roof in the open.

Maycock's building butts up against a neighbouring multi-storey
apartment building. Some of the apartment suite windows lead directly
on to the roof.

He said he has since spoken to the property manager for the apartment
building about blocking window access to the roof.
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