Pubdate: Sun, 12 Jun 2011
Source: Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV)
Copyright: 2011 Nevada Appeal
Author: Guy W. Farmer, The Nevada Appeal, participated in the War on 
Drugs in seven countries.


Billionaire financier George Soros and his army of drug legalizers
will be back in action in Nevada next year in their continuing
campaign to legalize "personal doses" of marijuana. Although we've
already defeated them twice on 60-40 votes, they keep trying.

Soros and his allies aren't satisfied with the legalization of
so-called "medical marijuana" in Nevada and several other states. They
want to go much further. So let's take a closer look at the murky
world of medical marijuana, where weed is "medicine" and potheads are

In March federal anti-drug agents raided pot farms and medical
marijuana clinics in California and Montana and charged their
operators with drug trafficking and tax evasion. The tax charges were
filed under an IRS ruling stating that no deductions "shall be allowed
for any amount paid or incurred ... in carrying on any trade or
business ... (that) consists of trafficking in controlled substances."
Under federal law, marijuana is a controlled substance and if you
don't like it, change the law.

Clandestine pot farms constitute a serious problem for law enforcement
in Nevada and other medical marijuana states. Last October a hunter
hiking in a secluded area near Boomtown east of Reno stumbled upon a
marijuana farm worth nearly $8 million. The discovery was one of
several on public lands in 2010 that led to the destruction of more
than $40 million worth of marijuana plants in Northern Nevada,
according to the State Public Safety Department.

Last year, police found several clandestine marijuana fields in Carson
City and the Carson Valley, including 343 plants worth $110,000 in a
Carson City home and 86 plants worth $86,000 on private land in
Douglas County. And federal agents are even finding illicit marijuana
fields in national parks.

"In 2008 the Mexican cartels started moving onto public lands in
Nevada as a result of increased law enforcement pressure in California
and Oregon," said a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spokesperson,
adding that illicit pot farms represent a "hidden danger" to residents
and tourists alike. Law enforcement officials are concerned about the
connection between drug trafficking and illegal immigration because
increasing numbers of illegals serve as drug "mules" for the cartels.
Meanwhile, Nevada parole and probation officers report that a rising
number of parolees are getting around drug prohibitions by obtaining
prescriptions for medical marijuana.

If cigarette smoking is bad for your health, marijuana smoking is much
worse. A recent study by Canadian researchers found that "people who
smoke cigarettes and marijuana increase their risk of chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease" by nearly 300 percent. In other words,
those who smoke tobacco and marijuana are three-times more likely to
contract COPD than tobacco-only smokers.

If marijuana has any medicinal value (a big "if"), it is due to an
active ingredient, THC, which is readily available in the prescription
drug, Marinol, a much safer option than dangerous marijuana smoke.
Anyway, let's just say no (again) to the drug legalizers next year.
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