Pubdate: Thu, 02 Jun 2011
Source: Camp Verde Bugle, The (AZ)
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Author: Carl Nye



On May 24, Governor Brewer and Attorney General Horne announced a
lawsuit regarding the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). They claim
they need a federal court to decide if the AMMA violates federal law.

I have sent the following open letter to the Governor:

The United States Attorney-General instructed all state
Attorneys-General that the federal government judiciary system has
much higher priorities than prosecuting patients using medical
marijuana in accordance with their state's laws, and to spend no time
or budget money pursuing this activity. The DEA was also informed of
this highest-level decision. There is virtually a zero chance of
federal prosecution of anyone in Arizona legally involved in the
administration of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA).
Attorney-General Horne needs to inform Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis
Burke that his intention to "vigorously prosecute individuals and
organizations that participate in unlawful manufacturing, distribution
and marketing activity involving marijuana, even if such activities
are permitted under state law" has been expressly prohibited by the
United States Attorney-General. Mr. Burke has many more important
things to do, though they may not give him as much publicity.

I feel that the Governor knows all this; her present action simply
delays a program that some in authority dislike. Where's the
compassion? Where's the caring concern for people in constant pain, or
suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, or other medical
situations where medical marijuana has indisputably helped alleviate
the symptoms? No one except the deliberately ignorant will deny the
medical benefits of marijuana.

If the Governor and Attorney-General were truly concerned about this
situation, why did they not ask for federal guidance on this issue the
day after the AMMA was passed by Arizona voters? The Governor likes to
"stand up to the Feds" regarding illegal immigration, so why not
"stand up to the Feds" regarding medical marijuana? There appear to be
personal agendas at work here, completely disrespecting the wishes of
the thousands of Arizona voters who passed the AMMA. I ask that the
Governor drop this time- and money-wasting lawsuit, and get on to more
important problems the state is facing.

Carl Nye

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