Pubdate: Sat, 21 May 2011
Source: Paradise Post (CA)
Copyright: 2011 Joe Canzoneri
Author: Joe Canzoneri



I shudder every time I encounter the phrase "medical marijuana." 
Equally as disconcerting is the use of the term by the news media. Why?

Government medical agencies and health organizations which have 
researched the drug have not classified it as medication. So, why 
does the media parrot the term?

The proponents of marijuana proclaim an absolute need of it for every 
conceivable ailment imaginable. A visit to a respectable doctor will 
accommodate them with a prescription that, depending on the ailment, 
will either relieve it or cure it rather than mask it.

Let me pose an interesting question that should perk everyone's ears. 
If there is nothing to be concerned about with the use of marijuana, 
especially among young people, why all the restrictions as to where 
it can be grown or dispensed, the size of the land where growing will 
be allowed, and the proximity to a church, school, park, school bus 
stops, etc.?

Marijuana is a treacherous drug that consumes the lives of those who 
become addicted to it and leads to the use of the harder drugs. 
Eventually users become involved with the law and rehabilitation agencies.

Unfortunately, those prescriptions for marijuana issued by certain 
doctors are much too easily available. Considering the ruckus that 
occurred at one of the meetings where a stench of intimidation was 
evident, the board of supervisors has a weighty and critical decision 
to make concerning marijuana.

I would urge the board to outlaw it.

Joe Canzoneri

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