Pubdate: Thu, 12 May 2011
Source: Red Bluff Daily News (CA)
Copyright: 2011 Kathy Nelson
Author: Kathy Nelson



I am asking for the board of Supervisors to consider putting a 
moratorium on all medical marijuana dispensaries, as dispensaries are 
not explicitly recognized by State Law, according to my information.

Sellers permit would be required and sales tax for dispensaries would 
go to the State Board of Equalization. It would not stay locally.

If they decide to allow a collective/cooperative, I would suggest 
they consider using these guidelines.

1. A collective/cooperative should use only marijuana grown or 
obtained by the members, with no purchases outside of their own members.

2. The members, including the patient, should own or rent/lease 
property to grow and manufacture only the amount of marijuana used by 
their patients.

3. As Supervisors they could allow a small number of patients per 
caregiver so they stay within the guidelines of the law for 
caregivers and their responsibilities to their patients.

4. As Supervisors they could regulate the size of land to be used, 
types and locations, hours of the day the members could work, so as 
to not disturb the neighbors.

5. They could regulate the number of collectives/cooperatives by the 
populous of the area.

6. They could use the lottery system to decide who and how many would 
be allowed to operate at any given time.

7. As Supervisors, they could allow only caregivers whose patients 
have registered with the health department and who has an ID card 
stating they are a legal marijuana user. Those who opt out of 
registering could not belong to a collective/cooperative. If these 
people are truly a medical marijuana user and can't grow their own, 
they should not have a problem with these rules.

8. As Supervisors, they could hire a part time enforcement office, at 
the expense of the collective/cooperatives, to enforce the rules and 

Primary caregivers mean; the individual designated by the person is 
exempt under this act who has consistently assumed responsibility for 
the housing, health and safety of that person. Caregivers see to it 
that the basic needs of food, clothing, cleanliness and shelter are 
met by the person in need. As a primary caregivers' job does not just 
mean to grow marijuana for people who have recommendations

The collectives/cooperative should document all their activities and 
specifically keep track and record the source of their marijuana.

Under Civil Code Section 1714.45, Products Liability: Consumer 
products to be known by consumers to be inherently unsafe.

My interpretation of this code means that a consumer has a right to 
sue the manufacture of a product if it in fact causes health 
problems, mental problems and/or death; this even includes those who 
came in contact with this product. So every caregiver who grows 
marijuana for their patient should keep meticulous records on the 
chemicals used in growing and their procedures in processing. 
Examples; tobacco manufactures and second hand smoke.

You should have caregivers post all health risks associated with the 
use of marijuana. Just like every other drug on the market.

Kathy Nelson, Red Bluff
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