Pubdate: Thu, 14 Apr 2011
Source: San Diego Union Tribune (CA)
Copyright: 2011 Union-Tribune Publishing Co.
Author: Rob Stauffer


In the never-ending battle over medical marijuana, one would think
that patient care and safety would be our first priorities.
Unfortunately, unforgivably and hypocritically, patients choosing
medical marijuana are being stigmatized by those elected to represent
us. Del Mar Mayor Don Mosier typifies this discrimination perfectly
when faced with a medical marijuana dispensary in sacrosanct Del Mar
("Pot dispensary defies city efforts to close it," Local Reports,
April 8). He stated, "It doesn't strike me as a community that's full
of potential customers." The logical question is, does no one in Del
Mar suffer from chronic pain?

The assumption that all medical marijuana users are a bunch of
drug-loving, party-hearty, lowlife, irresponsible, hippie wannabes has
to stop. Why is it quite acceptable for me to depend on
ever-increasing amounts of prescribed chemical painkillers in order to
function? However, should I choose to rely on medical marijuana, I'm
some sort of party animal who is faking an illness because I'm a
stoner? Some re-education for our leaders who are stuck in the '60s
obviously is much needed.

Rob Stauffer

La Mesa
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