Pubdate: Sat, 09 Apr 2011
Source: Daily Record, The (Parsippany, NJ)
Copyright: 2011 The Daily Record
Author: Charles Kwiatkowski


I am writing this letter in regard to the final weeks of the public
comment period for the New Jersey's medical marijuana program.

I choose to write to the Press instead of the state, which would
rather manipulate the sick and seriously ill residents of New Jersey
than help them.

New Jersey patients and residents need to know so they can continue to
call their elected representatives.

As a multiple sclerosis patient for the past 14 years and
medical-marijuana user for more than half of them, I am disgusted that
New Jersey regulations will include room for seeds and branches,
leaves and other vegetation, etc., within the 2 ounces per month
al-lowed to qualifying patients.

This itself is another back-door means of giving us sick people
exactly 10 percent THC, by supplying us with horse-feed as well to
make up the other 90 percent.

Nowhere in any of the other states that allow medical marijuana would
anything with seeds and other debris in it be worthy enough to be
called medical marijuana.

I was with state Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari, D-Union, when he helped to
neutralize these strict guidelines for the sake of all.

I now can only hope for the proper program to be set forth, not the
hurried-to-halt program with members fleeing the Health Department.

Many patients require high grade medical marijuana of 20 percent THC
to control spasticity, hunger, etc. These are important requirements
to control involuntary movements.

I feel Sen. Scutari has every right to force them to completely
rewrite the existing draconian policy for medical marijuana.

I can only hope for change this year; or will it be next

Charles Kwiatkowski

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