Pubdate: Sun, 03 Apr 2011
Source: Post, The (Zambia)
Copyright: Post Newspapers 2011
Author: Kombe Chimpinde


TWO Patriotic Front officials from Munali Constituency yesterday
stormed the Post Newspapers head office half dressed in protest
against the killing of a seven-year-old boy in Garden Compound by DEC

PF Munali Constituency Given Lwensha and his publicity secretary
Mwenya Matafwali challenged women in the country to condemn the
government on the killing of innocent children by police.

The boy was last Tuesday killed while another minor sustained severe
injuries after they were shot at by armed Drug Enforcement Commission
officers after confusion erupted in the area as they were trailing a
suspected drug trafficker.

The death of the minor comes barely two months after two youths in
Mazabuka and another two in Mongu were shot by police during protests.

The duo said Zambians were no longer safe under the

"...Today children are being killed but the women are quiet," Lwenshi

He said it was the mothers who were better placed to demand a stop to
the killing of innocent people.

"It is our mothers who give birth but they are quiet when children of
other people are being killed. I am urging the women in Zambia to
unite and stop the reckless killing of our people," said Lwenshi.

And Matafwali said Zambia was no longer a safe place because of the
shedding of innocent blood under the administration of MMD.

He advised the Zambians to vote the MMD out in this year's

" We should unite in order to remove this government that does not
worry about the killings of Zambians," said Matafwali.
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