Pubdate: Sun, 03 Apr 2011
Source: Post, The (Zambia)
Copyright: Post Newspapers 2011
Author: Edwin Mbulo


THE Anglican Diocese of Lusaka says it is greatly dismayed by the law
enforcement agencies' lack of respect and honour for human life.

In a press statement released by the Anglican Diocese of Lusaka,
Diocese Bishop David Njovu is demanding an apology from the government
over the shooting of a seven-year-old boy in Garden compound on
Tuesday by Drug Enforcement Commission officers.

"The people they are supposed to protect are the ones they are killing
in cold blood without shame," Bishop Njovu stated.

He stated that citizens were supposed to feel the peace and freedom of
the country in the presence of law enforcement agencies.

"But we are now being killed by our own protectors. We therefore
demand an apology and pledge from government that this will not be
repeated especially that we are praying for peaceful elections," he

Bishop Njovu added that if the police and other law enforcement
agencies behaved in a professional and respectable manner, citizens
would gain confidence in the assurance of peace and order.

"The police and other law enforcement agencies have in the recent past
shown their lack of professionalism by being trigger-happy as
exhibited in the Mongu shooting, Mazabuka killing and now the little
innocent child killed in cold blood," Bishop Njovu stated.

He added that the Church expressed its condemnation of the barbaric
act which was the root cause of society's loss of respect and
confidence in the law enforcement agencies.

"This is unacceptable in a land which has been independent for over
four decades. This is a period when the police should have been able
to gain special skills in investigation and apprehending of the
offenders," Bishop Njovu stated.

Bishop Njovu further requested the government to bring to book all
murderous officers involved in the shooting and killing of innocent
and defenseless children.

"As much as we believe in life after death, we believe in life before
death and it is the duty of the government to protect life," stated
Bishop Njovu.

A seven-year-old boy died while a girl aged 16, sustained a gunshot
wound after DEC officers fired live bullets during an operation last

The two boys were shot by officers who had gone to the compound to
conduct a search for cannabis dealers. 
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