Pubdate: Fri, 01 Apr 2011
Source: Grand Junction Free Press (CO)
Copyright: 2011 Grand Junction Free Press
Author: Elan Shakti


After suffering over 15 years with fibromyalgia, my pain and symptoms
have only gotten worse. My life has increasingly become more limited
as I'm getting older. Due to the fibromyalgia pain, I cannot sleep.
Without sleeping, my body can't get the rest it needs to help it heal.
The lack of sleep has had its own impact on my health. The pain was
making me miserable, so I was ready to try anything.

I had been prescribed enough pharmaceuticals to open my own drug store
and nothing worked - I was still in pain and the side effects were
awful. Medical marijuana topical cream changed this for me.

After getting my patient card, I visited a medical marijuana center;
started using medical marijuana cream. Within 15 minutes of rubbing
the cream on the right side of my body, the nerve and joint pain
eases, and I sleep. There are no side effects from this cream. It
doesn't have a euphoric effect or other side effects like
pharmaceuticals, and it actually helps me. My life changed for the
better  the medical marijuana has helped me tremendously. Now, I know
why young and older people visit the centers because of injuries due
to their punishing jobs such as contractors as well as others with
debilitating diseases.

In addition to having the expertise, you must have a license to make
these creams in a kitchen approved and regulated by the Department of
Revenue, and then, they can only be sold in a medical marijuana
center. If the centers close, we cannot access these medicinal creams
and other infused products. The Colorado Constitution afforded us
access to these products, please help us protect our rights and get
the medication we need. Vote against the ordinance.

Elan Shakti

Grand Junction
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