Pubdate: Tue, 15 Mar 2011
Source: Federal Way Mirror (WA)
Copyright: 2011 Sound Publishing
Author: Floyd Krautner


B.L. Morgan's rant (letters, March 12) that marijuana smokers "lack
learning the skills" for "jobs that bring in the big bucks" flies in
the face of the fact that our last three presidents were tokers in
their youth. If Mr. Morgan paid any attention to the entertainment
industry, he would know that many of the biggest stars use marijuana.
Perhaps Morgan doesn't know that Hollywood and the music games are the
most competitive occupations in the United States. It should be
obvious that most of them would quit if smoking pot wrecked their
multimillion-dollar careers.

Thousands of highly successful business people have admitted that
their marijuana use did not hinder them on their way to the top. For
most people, using marijuana has no negative effect on their families,
their employment or anything else. The worst thing that happens is
being arrested.

As the author of three critically acclaimed books and three
well-received full-length DVD sets in four years, I can assure Mr.
Morgan that my marijuana use did not interfere in organizing and
explaining the subjects to the readers. If I am "dumbing myself down,"
why is my work considered to be the best in the field?

Floyd Krautner

Bakersfield, Calif.
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