Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2011
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
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Author: Sam Cooper
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A man is found in a vehicle bound hand and foot with a bag over his 
head. His brain is bleeding and his left eye is crushed beyond repair.

The gory aftermath of a brutal grow-op ripoff should prove to B.C. 
marijuana aficionados that pot is a blood-soaked commodity rather 
than a harmless product, North Vancouver RCMP say.

Cpl. Peter DeVries made the point while announcing recommendations of 
four charges against two men in an attack on a 67-year-old Surrey man.

The man was found in a vehicle by Vancouver police in September 2009, 
with lacerations to his scalp and face, severe trauma to both of his 
eyes, multiple broken ribs, a collapsed lung and bleeding in the brain.

"He's very lucky he didn't die," DeVries said.

Police say the alleged assault happened in the North Vancouver 
neighbourhood of Norgate. An investigation showed the incident 
"surrounded a syndicate of marijuana grow operators, and that the 
assault was related to the drug trade," DeVries said.

Crown counsel is reviewing charge recommendations, including 
aggravated assault and forcible confinement against Squamish resident 
Paul Defaveri, 49, and forcible confinement and attempted murder 
against 40-year-old Robin Pryce from Surrey.

Both men have prior drugcrime convictions. Neither have known gang 
affiliations, DeVries said.

DeVries said the assault is a "stark example" that "because of its 
monetary value as a commodity, marijuana is inextricably tied to 
serious acts of violence."

"When you smoke a joint, there is a strong likelihood that aside from 
its being grown illegally, it is connected to crimes like assaults, 
frauds, thefts and burglaries," DeVries said.

Defaveri and Pryce were arrested March 4 and both have been remanded 
in custody until their next court appearance on March 15.
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