Pubdate: Fri, 04 Mar 2011
Source: Kamloops Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2011 Kamloops Daily News
Author: S. Klein


Re: Your article We Say, Action on Salvia Divinorum.

Well over three years ago, 'another' local newspaper did an article
highlighting a head shop selling 'Sally-D,' as front-page news.

A concentrate of this psychoactive plant is usually produced to the
effect of dangerous proportions, as its active chemical acts primarily
upon the central nervous system.

My response at that time was that just because it is legal in Canada
says little about its destructive capabilities.

It is a substance that Health Canada should have added to the banned
list a long time ago. It took Canada several years to act upon the
drug, while other well informed countries took the initiative way
before this.

I would hope the head shop(s) here in Kamloops have already removed it
from their shelves, but if not, no doubt users are stocking up in
anticipation of such a move.

My final comment in that article was: "If you want a spiritual high,
go to church."

That being said, another recent Daily News editorial commented on the
Church of the Universe in their attempts to legitimize their use of
marijuana. So going to church might be the solution rather than a
deterrent, for pot (and/or Sally-D) users if it were allowed to be
used in what they term a 'sacrament'.

Responses on your editorial by such people as Russell Barth sounding
like a petulant child in being told no, continues to be a head shaker.
As a boomer growing up immersed and surrounded by prevalent drug use,
and seeing no great benefit from anyone I know that is a user, I have
little tolerance for campaigning legal use of these drugs.

A comment on Google from Mr. Barth was found: "The overall scale of
Canadian stupidity never fails to amaze me anew." Perhaps for Mr.
Barth, and all users, looking in the mirror would certainly justify
that remark.


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